MatNavi is one of the world's largest materials databases of polymer, ceramic, alloy, superconducting material, composite and diffusion.

NMR Database


NMR Database is a satellite database of Polymer Database (PoLyInfo).

1H, 13C NMR spectra of 255 samples (231 polymers) are provided with detailed assignment data.

  • Users can search the database by polymer names, chemical structures, chemical shifts and so on.
  • As a search result, spectrum charts with assignment of signals and reference information are displayed.
  • Spectrum charts are displayed using java applet and they can be enlarged or scale down by clicking scale button.

Data of KURARAY Co., LTD.

This NMR data contains data provided by Kuraray Co., Ltd. to the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS).

What's New

[Jun. 04, 2018] New data were updated.(40 Samples)
[Sep. 27, 2017] The NMR database was rebuilt. New data were updated.(40 Samples)
[May 22, 2006] Polymer List was updated.


  • National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) holds the copyright of this database system.
  • No reproduction, republication or distribution to third parties of any content is permitted without written permission of NIMS.
  • NIMS takes no responsibility for any damage incurred by the user as a result of using this database system.

System Requirements

OS Windows 7 or later
Browser Internet Explorer 11

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